• GlobalPinay.com is a spin-off of GlobalPinoy.com catering to Filipinas around the globe. Here, Pinays can get together wherever in the world they may be and share tips, stories and experiences with each other. The site aims to bridge the distance and provide an online home for Filipino women.

  • Site members can create their own personal account which will allow them to contribute their own content on various topics relevant to the Filipino woman today, from fashion and beauty to home and parenting, and more. The site will also provide its readers with information they can use in their daily lives, whether in the home, family or workplace.

  • On top of that, GPinay will have its own e-book store where readers can access and buy e-books and e-mags aimed at their interests and needs, making GlobalPinay.com a one-stop shop for information and entertainment for the modern Pinay.

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