Smokey Morena

July 25, 2013
  • Creating a smokey look is tricky. If done poorly, you can end up looking like a raccoon or like you haven't slept in days. So here's a guide for our pretty morena Pinays on how to do a smokey look:

  • 1. Do your eyes first.

    - We usually start with our foundation and bases. In doing the smokey eyes, it is better to put make-up on your eyes first so it's easier to clean up under the eyes and you don't need to redo your concealer or foundation.

  • 2. Start with a bronze eye shadow and sweep it all across your eyelid..

    - All the way above the crease of the eyes but stop before you reach the browbone. This will help you make the make-up look like it is fading towards the top.

  • 3. Do your black, or gray eyeshadow..

    - starting from the area closest to the lashline where you usually put your eyeliner and carefully distribute it upwards.

    Stop just above the crease. If you feel like you made it too high, just use the bronze eyeshadow to remove the black/gray that was overdone.

  • 4. With the same eyeshadow..

    - brush that you used on the top of your lids and without adding more eyeshadow, just sweep the brush under the lower lashline to create a faded effect to make it appear like it was just smudged, therefore you wont look like a raccoon.

  • 5. Finish up the eyes..

    - with a thick black eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line and a thick dose of mascara.

  • 6. Make your eyebrows..

    - light and simple to make the eyeshadow appear darker.

  • 7. Partner it Up..

    - with a plum lipstick and you're ready to go!

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