Beware Of Poison Kiss

February 12, 2014
  • A health reminder this Valentine's Day whether you are single or deeply in love, it is hard to say that you don't make any preparation for this romantic day. And to be fabulous, a luscious red lipstick completes the look. But before applying that lipstick on, have you made sure it is also safe for your partner's health?

  • Cosmetics are made from mixtures of different materials and some of them contain chemicals that are harmful for our health if used in large amounts.

  • In fact, the EcoWaste Coalition issued a pre-Valentine warning against lipstick products that may contain health damaging chemical ingredients such as arsenic, lead, and mercury.

  • Photo: Asti Flores, News to GO

  • Supporters of this campaign entitled "PoisonKiss" were Miss Philippines Earth 2013, Angelee Claudette de los Reyes and Miss Philippines Earth-Fire 2013, Alma Cabasal.

  • Aileen Lucero, National Coordinator of the EcoWaste Coalition said that "Arsenic, lead and mercury in lipstick may be absorbed or ingested when you lick or wet your lips, drink and eat while wearing tainted lipstick, or when you kiss or lock lips with someone wearing one."

  • She further explains that instant adverse effect is not expected, however long-term exposure to metals even at low doses can harm a person's health.

  • Cosmetics usually have these chemicals for certain purposes, however companies creating these products must comply with the limit set by ASEAN Cosmetic Directive which is 1 part per million for mercury, 5 ppm for arsenic and 20 ppm for lead.

  • In a recent screening, 70 pieces of lipsticks costing P7 to P80 each were purchased from shops in Divisoria and Quiapo, Manila City, and in Baclaran, in ParaƱaque and Pasay City.

  • They found out that 27 out of the 70 samples of lipstick (39%) were found to contain detectable levels of one or more heavy metals above the limits set by ASEAN.


    The top 10 samples with the highest levels of lead were Baolishi #20 (green case) with 18,500 ppm, Baolishi #20 (golden case) 15,600 ppm, Baolishi #20 (yellow case) 14,000 ppm, Baolishi #20 (red case) 3,337 ppm, Baolishi #20 (yellow case) 3,258 ppm, Monaliza #20 (pink case) 2,796 ppm, Monaliza #20 (golden case) 2,613 ppm, Monaliza #20 (with cartoon case) 2,142 ppm, Kiss Beauty #7 383 ppm, Kiss Beauty #8 208 ppm and Miss Beauty #7 with 72 ppm.

  • Japanese Geisha was one of the first to use lead for face whitening and make-up. Today it is used in creating paints especially in colors yellow, and red, it is also used in hot metal-typesetting, and plumbing.

  • It is dangerous for our health because it triggers the nervous system. It was found out that lead exposure among women has been linked to miscarriage, premature birth, reduced fertility, menstrual irregularities and other reproductive disorders.

  • Products containing Mercury:

    Mercury, another potent neurotoxin like lead, was found the highest in Popa #12 with 90 ppm, Kaixi Beauty #60 with 85 ppm and Chanleevi #04 with 88 ppm.

  • Mercury is a naturally occurring but toxic metal, gets into the air and the oceans primarily through burning coal. Eventually, it can end up on your plate in the form of mercury-contaminated seafood.

  • Pregnant women are very much at risk from the toxic effects of mercury, which a mother can pass to the developing fetus. Mercury is known to concentrate in the fetal brain, disrupting the brain development and causing lifelong health problems.

  • Products containing Arsenic

    High levels of arsenic, a human carcinogen, was detected in Baolishi #20 (green case) with 497 ppm, Baolishi #20(golden case) 450 ppm and Baolishi #20(yellow case) with 421 ppm.

  • Arsenic is used in creating batteries, pesticides and as semiconductor in electronic devices.

  • Exposure to arsenic over a long period can result to chronic arsenic poisoning and associated health problems such as skin lesions, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

  • So how will you know if the products you are using or going to purchase contains this chemicals or has high levels of it?

  • 1. You can refer to http://www.fda.org/ for authorized products.

  • 2. To test if your make-up has lead, apply the product on your hand and rub a gold jewelry against it, the product would darken indicating that a chemical reaction that it has lead.

  • 3. Since most products has this kind of chemicals, it is important that you exercise your right to information. Before buying a product ask how much lead content it has and refer to the limits set for the use of this chemicals.

  • Being gorgeous does not have to cost your health and the people you love. So ladies, if you care for them BEWARE!



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