Increasing Breast Milk Supply With Motilium

July 26, 2013
  • As a mom who breastfed her 3 children, I have become a strong supporter of breastfeeding. It is not an easy task but breastfeeding has rewards that are greater than the sacrifices that a mother has to make. Topmost among these rewards, breast milk gives your child antibodies that will protect him against illness all throughout his life.

  • Up to now I am still thankful that my children almost never get sick. If they do get sick, they recover quickly. I almost never have to give them antibiotics because they recover from sickness quickly.

  • Although most parents know the benefits of breastfeeding, many moms still can't do it. One of the most common reasons why is that the amount of their milk is not enough to satisfy their child. A lot has been written about increasing milk supply but there's one I want to focus on and share with all the Global Pinays out there - drinking of Motilium.

  • When my OB-GYNE first mentioned it to me a day after I had given birth, I was surprised. It was already my third baby and I didn't seem to have any problems increasing my milk before, but things were different this time. I was older, in the "high risk" age and had some health issues on my 3rd trimester. My body had a hard time making enough milk.

  • I didn't believe at first, but my doctor told me that even Lactation Counselors suggest this. After doing some research on the Internet about Motilium I was amazed to see that even adoptive mothers can breastfeed after drinking this. I was ready to try it after that.

  • So how does Motilium work in increasing your milk?

    The primary use of Motilium is for curing gastrointestinal disorder. However, it has an added effect of increasing prolactin production by your body's pituitary gland. Prolactin is the hormone that is responsible for producing milk. When a mother gives birth, prolactin is the same hormone that is naturally produced by the body to signal that it is time to feed its infant.

  • Is it safe for the mother?

    Based on my research on the net, side effects are uncommon. In my experience, the only thing I noticed is my mouth sometimes feels dry. So I drink liquids more often, which is also actually useful for breastfeeding.

  • Is it safe for my baby?

    Motilium is prescribed alone for babies who have problems in spitting up and is believed to be generally safe. You may research more on this online. It was approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics for use in breastfeeding and was given the "safest" category.

  • How often do I drink it?

    If you read from the net, breastfeeding mothers are suggested to take it 3 to 4 times a day for 3 to 8 weeks. In my experience, I took it for 4 days and my milk came in really well. There would be times that my milk diminishes and I take it for 2 days and it works well for me. Almost like a miracle drug!

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