Back-To-School Tips

June 12, 2014
  • It's school time again! The shift from March-May vacation could be difficult both for kids and nanays. Your children might probably feel excited and a bit sad because summer vacation is over. And you might also feel overloaded and exhausted from the household chores, bringing them to school, going to work, and their teacher at home.

    It is just a few days before the start of another school year. And for the moms here are GlobalPinay's BACK-TO-SCHOOL tips :


    This is one of the hardest things, you have to change your kid's daily routine and their wake up and sleep time. A week prior to the opening of classes, wake your kids 30 minutes earlier each day until they reach than their usual school wake up time. Let's say they get up at 9 AM during the summer, wake them up at 8:30 AM the following day and then at 8 AM the day after that. This way their body will slowly adjust to the desired time for school.


    By this time, you probably have bought almost all the things your kids need. If you still have a few last minute shopping to do make sure you have a list of things that you have to buy before leaving your house. Kung ikaw ay nag titipid (if you are trying to save) and you are in to walking, haggling and bargains, go to Divisoria but you must be wise and nosy to check the quality of the product. At kung ayaw mo naman makipagsiksikan sa DIVI (if you don't want to squeeze in a jam of people in Divisoria), go to the nearest leading bookstores and shopping malls around you since it is more convenient and organized. Besides if it's just last minute shopping, your list might be to short for an actual Divisoria trip. As much as possible take your kids with you. This will be a fun bonding experience with your children and it can hype up their excitememt for going back to school.

    Tipid Tips :

    • Buy good quality goods so they would last the whole year and maybe even more.

    • Always prioritize and buy the necessary things first.

    • Check the supplies that you already have at home.

    • Consider re-using old school uniforms and supplies.

    • Discuss your budget with the kids so that you can compromise. Make them understand that you have to save money.

  • 3. TALK

    Tell your kid that summer is over and he/she is going back to school. He will meet new friends and classmates etc. Explain to them that they have to lessen their watching and playing time. You can also provide them with simple school worksheets that can help them go back to the school zone.


    If it is your kid's first time in their school, it would help to bring your child to the school before the opening of the classes. It is a good way to orient them with the environment.


    You have to prepare yourself too to support your child well . Having a cork/white board will aid you in reminders, upcoming activities, and assignments.

  • Prepare and welcome school year 2014 - 2015 with a renewed excitement!

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