7 Ways For Moms To De-Stress

July 26, 2013
  • Mahirap maging nanay. There are just so many things to do and worry about. Dagdagan pa ng work and it can take stress levels to an overload. This not only bad for your health but can also potentially be harmful to your relationship with your family. So here are some ways for moms to keep stress levels down.

  • 1. Don't take your work home.

    Ang para sa office, sa office. Ang para sa bahay, sa bahay. Keep your personal life and work separate and do not take home your work problems. Your time at home should be spent living your personal life.

  • 2. Make room for "me" time.

    Make a little time for yourself each day when you can put aside work and home responsibilities to do something para sa sarili mo. Even just an hour of reading, chatting with a friend or getting a relaxing salon treatment can help you unwind.

  • 3. Seek assistance.

    As much as you'd like to be supermom, sometimes you just need to ask for help with work and chores to keep yourself. Wag kang mahiyang humingi ng tulong. Before things become overwhelming, seek some assistance by delegating work to colleagues or assigning chores to your family.

  • 4. Talk about your problems.

    Admitting to having problems ay hindi sign na mahina kang tao. Sharing them with someone close to you can go a long way in taking the stress away. Even if your loved ones can't help with your problem, nakakagaan na ng loob just talking about it.

  • 5. Stay positive.

    Keep away from negative energies. Dun ka lang sa positive vibes. Staying in a good environment and hanging around positive people will steer you away from the added stress of negative energy. Examples of such are irritating co-workers or unsupportive family members.

  • 6. Socialize.

    Getting together with good friends once in a while can go a long way in keeping yourself sane amidst all the stress factors in your life. Paminsan-minsan lang naman. It will give you the chance to share your problems, talk about things you love and engage in activities you enjoy.

  • 7. Manage your weekends.

    Weekend ka lang pwedeng mag-adjust ng sarili mong schedule, kaya make the most out of it. Set aside a portion of it for chores and the rest of it for your family and relaxation. This way, you don't have to worry the rest of the week about things that need to get done and you always know you have something na aabangan when the weekend comes around.

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