3 New Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

January 30, 2014
  • Valentine's Day is one of the most important day in a couple's calendar. Every year we plan a special date or activity/ies for February 14, but as time goes by we get stuck on the same concept and idea. Luckily you can make your Valentine's Day this year extra special by following 3 simple steps.

  • Step 1: Think out of the box

    Instead of a candle light dinner why don't you try to go food tripping in different well known street food places in the metro. Making tusok-tusok a fishball while staring at each other is one of the most romantic things you can experience with your partner. You can also try the newly build scream park Manila that will surely give you and your partners chills. What I’m trying to say here is you can try to go beyond the "usual". Remember new things are always fun.

  • Step 2: Create instead of buying

    A box of chocolates is surely romantic but a box of brownies baked just only for you is more romantic. It also has an additional personal touch. Instead of buying your partner gifts why not try to create and make an effort to make something for her. You can check youtube.com for tutorials on making bracelets, necklaces, and other do-it-your own stuff. The personal touch and hard work that you have exerted will definitely mean a lot to her.

  • Step 3: No cards just letters

    Writing a love letter is one of the basic concepts of "panliligaw", but in today's world it seems that this concept is already a lost art. Instead of buying a mass produced love quote Valentine's Day card, why not write your own love letter. If you really love that person you will not have any hard time writing your own love letter for her.

    These are just some of the examples that can make your Valentine's Day special. You can create your own and be unique in expressing your love during that special day. Remember it is not about the occasion, the date, or the gift, it is about the love that you have for your partner.

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