Diana, Living A Picturesque Life In Serbia

April 1, 2014
  • Beautiful wedding photography by a Pinay Photographer in Serbia

  • It wasn't long ago that most people dedicated their entire working years in one career. Times have changed. Diana Mendoza-Vidic’ is a film graduate who worked in the field of marketing and events for 8 years in Manila then later gave up her career to work as a photographer for a cruise ship in 2008. She met her Serbian husband, Ivan Vidic’ that year and they have ever since shared a common love for travel and nature, as well as passion for photography. She considers her second career definitely a big blessing since it allowed her to take snapshots of her life on the road.

  • "People tell me how fortunate I am to have seen so many beautiful places at such a young age. I had great times with amazing people from different cultures that constantly remind me why I love to tell stories of real people. This second career that I have has turned out to be really brilliant."

  • In 2011, Ivan and Diana quit ships to settle down in Ivan’s hometown in Serbia.

    "It was not easy as people think it is to start a photography job in land even if you already have a portfolio. Ivan was not home for 7 years so he also had to re-adjust himself with Serbia and reconnect with friends.Our idea was to shoot anything every chance we get from events, weddings and family portraits, until we find our niche and one thing led to another. People had fun working with us I guess that they kept recommending us to their friends, and before we knew it we are already 'certified' photographers in our region."

  • Now Diana and Ivan are destination lifestyle and wedding photographers based in Serbia shooting around the Balkan region. We love the idea of working while on vacation." They have been featured by Serbian TV and newspapers because of their work and their interesting love story. They also starred in a short documentary film entitled "My Lips, Your Nose" produced and directed by international young filmmakers for International Camp Serbia in 2012.

  • "We bring our cinematic style and love for the natural light and nature into our work. I grew up liking Filipino films so I still find inspiration from past and present movies. I have always been fascinated with working behind the lens. I am a very visual person so I think I can really do this forever. But Ivan is the main guy; he knows how to work with the light perfectly. Whatever vision I have that I cannot recreate, he finds ways to do it. He is calm and logical, which I am not so we're really a good match. He is also such a nature-lover that he finds beauty in forgotten places. We don't go to touristic parks to shoot, no way (only sometimes, when our clients insist)."

  • Indeed, they are happy to be working alongside each other. A husband and wife tandem, what can be better than that.

  • "Yes, we are committed to our art and to our clients, but we also make sure we have good fun in between. We try to bring our daughter in our shoots sometimes, we hang out with our clients and though we try to be cool with them, we do not forget that our images should tell their stories and reflect their personalities, not ours. So you can say that we take art seriously but not ourselves."

  • Diana is proud to represent the Philippines in Serbia in her own little ways. "I am happy to talk about our country, culture, how Filipinos are like and what makes us unique to a lot of our Serbian friends and clients. It makes me smile the way Ivan shares his experience of Filipino hospitality to everybody here, too. I call him my half-Filipino husband."

  • After 3 years of shooting weddings in Serbia and its nearby countries; this year Ivan and Diana are ready totake on more challenges and one dream remains: to shoot destination weddings around Europe.

  • "We are in love with all kinds of fun celebrations and the diversity of beauty that comes in different shapes and forms. With us, they can expect an exciting duo because we promise to bring a different mix of influence in our art and kind of coverage. We love to travel, create and look further so we hope for Filipino communities around Europe to hear about us, and what we do. This year we want to keep evolving and we are both excited to one day photograph Filipino couples. Wherever in the world they are; we are there with them."

  • Website:http://www.ivandianaphotography.com/

    Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/IvanDianaPhotography

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