Osang Rose Fontanes Did Her Own Way To Be Israel's X-Factor

February 13, 2014

    Photo Credits: Rose Osang's Facebook Fan Page, click here

  • The famous C.S. Lewis, author of the Book “Chronicles of Narnia once said, that “it’s never too late for you to achieve your dreams”. This kind of faith seems to be so impossible to believe sometimes, especially when we are bounded by our own responsibilities within our families.

  • However, Rose “Osang” Fostanes proved to us that dreams do come true, no matter how late it is, and she really did achieve her dreams on her own way of being the first Filipina to ever won the title of X-factor Israel.

  • Osang started with humble dreams, she was featured in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, during the semi-finals where they unfold her story. Osang has been the bread-winner of her family after her dad left them and her mom got sick. However, her part-time jobs here are not sufficient to support her family so she went abroad and worked as a caregiver. She had spent the half of her lifetime in middle eastern countries like Egypt, Lebanon, and recently in Israel just to support the needs of her family.

  • But even she was in Israel, her love for singing did not fade out, during gatherings of OFWs, Osang would dedicate OPM music for them.When the audition for X-factor Israel opened, Osang did not have a second-thought to try her luck, and she felt like all eyes were on her. She said “maybe they were thinking that I was an alien”. Osang has owned the crowd and the judges after she sang “this is my life” and it went all the way up to the finals singing “My Way” where she was entitled as X-factor Israel.

  • Osang is naturally humble and lacks self confidence but throughout the contest, it was her mentor Shiri Maimon that has made Osang stronger and to believe in herself.

  • Now that she is a celebrity in Israel, she still recognizes the kindness of her patients that she has taken care of. More than the talent, Osang has shown the Israeli community her Filipino values, the kind of attitude that made them love her.

  • This story of Osang just tells us that we should not stop from believing that we can achieve our dreams, and there are different paths for us to have it. Just what like Osang did, she dared to take the path of the impossible, but she had ironically achieved her dreams in her very own way.

  • This story of Osang just tells us that no matter what our status in life, we should not stop from believing that we can achieve our dreams, no matter how long it takes. Just like the most of OFWs in around the world today, Osang had the same experience of being uncertain of what will happen to them in foreign countries, but still keeps on having faith, for the sake of their families.

  • To all of our readers, we want to leave this inspiring quote for you:

  • Don't let obstacles bog you down, There’s always light at the end of the tunnel

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