More Than Just A Uniform

May 8, 2014
  • Today, women also excel in some areas of their careers. Gender is not a hindrance in finding a job these days. All you need is determination and a lot of prayers. Men and women are now given an equal chance to contribute both at home and in the work place. At the present, most women are employed and Joann Legaspi, a Global Pinay proved to us that women are also capable of doing things that men do.

  • Joann Legaspi

    Joann is an officer in one of the US borders and the only Filipina assigned there. At some point, being an agent is not an easy task because of women’s capacities and physical qualifications. Her duty is to keep illegal aliens, drug smugglers, terrorists, etc. from entering United States. And as a law enforcement officer, she is exposed to multiple high risk work conditions. Given these situations, she is determined to reach for goal in life. Thus, her goal is to support her family in the Philippines and share all her blessings with her family.

  • In the beginning, Joann wanted to work for US Immigration but failed the examination. But failure did not stop her to shoot for the stars and instead, aimed for other avenues. The airport security opened the door for this Global Pinay where she now works for the US Federal government.

  • Joann Legaspi

    Although time management is hard with the demands of her very physical job and mental consciousness at all times, she is great in balancing her family time. After all, family always comes first. She provides and prioritizes the needs of her family specially her children. Her first born child graduated from University of Guam and is now a registered nurse. Her son is on the 7th grade and lives with her and her husband in Washington.

    "Hindi ako mayaman at walang ibang maipapamana sa inyo, kung hindi ang importansya ng edukasyon at ang takot sa Diyos."

    For her, being able to give her children a high-quality education is an achievement. Meanwhile, during her free time she talks to her family in the Philippines via Skype to keep in touch with them.

  • Joann is a strong willed and a very determined person. She dreams high to achieve them. Her dreams will not remain in her dream forever. She will achieve her dream with determination, will power and lots of prayer. Joann Legaspi is ambitious and passionate. The mixture of passion and ambition must be well-balanced in order to achieve a great triumph. In the end, you will not succeed if you refuse to appreciate what you have as well as to what you are doing. This Global Pinay strongly believes that God has given her blessings to be shared with her family.

  • Joann Legaspi

    "Success does not come easy. Success comes with a lot of hard work. Hard work all pays off if you give it all." - Joann Legaspi

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